Team Training

Five Principles of TEAM Training ESS5 Team Components

Our Five Principles of TEAM Training ESS5 Team components are:

  • Team Warm-up – The foundation of ESS5 Team, this warm-up focuses on sport specific exercises and staged out moves during active muscular movement to increase core body temperature and flow of blood throughout the body.
  • Team Skill Movements – This part has four areas of development:
    1. Acceleration
    2. Deceleration
    3. Change of Direction
    4. Max Speed
  • Strength and Explosiveness – This segment targets the central nervous system and muscular systems in order to enhance power, speed and stabilization throughout the athletes body.
  • Team Conditioning – This component is focused on athletes who want to reach their peak performance and may not believe they have it in them. Pushing past previous limits is part of the way we achieve top conditioning.
  • Team & Individual Confidence – We build a structure where we build confidence within our athletes. With confidence athletes can achieve more than they believe is possible.
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